André L. Simom: Rum (1950)


is the largest house in Great Britain specializing solely in British West Indian rums. Their oldest subsidiary company dates back to 1804.

As you will find when you read this book, rum is the most versatile spirit known. It varies in character from the full-bodied types that warm and invigorate you in winter, to the lighter varieties that charm and cool you in summer.

United Rum Merchants offer a complete range of rums, blended with the care and skill that is the heritage of generations of experience.

LEMON HART, the largest selling brand in Britain, is a satisfying, full-flavoured rum, golden in colour. It is the ideal all-purposes rum and is especially suitable for hot punches and flavouring in the kitchen.

LAMB'S NAVY is a dark rum beloved by seafaring folk the world over. It is full-bodied but not so highly flavoured as LEMON HART.

LIGHT HART is the perfect base for long and short drinks, a fragrant blend of finest light rums.

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